Aesthetic Medicine

Radiance Therapy

Face and neck treatment with rejuvenating properties, reverses changes in cellular DNA, contains unique [meso] recovery complex®. Radiance DNA is a treatment containing highly concentrated skin rejuvenating and thickening serum (10% [meso] recovery complex®), face and neck nanofiber masks, and intensely remodeling face cream. The cure rebuilds and thickens the skin, shapes the contour of the face, effectively reduces wrinkles, slows the aging process, stimulates skin cell metabolism, intensively moisturizes, strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.


The unique formula of ingredients allows you to restore and rebuild your skin deeply from within. Ensures cellular consistency, has strong rejuvenating properties. The treatment dramatically improves skin tension, stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, strengthens the dermis, restores the proper connection between the epidermis and the skin, and primarily repairs DNA damage that occurs in the cells during the day.


It thickens the skin and improves oval face, skin becomes thicker, regains elasticity, firmness and smoothness, is brighter and radiant, and wrinkles are gradually reduced. In addition, the mask adhering to the skin produces an occlusive effect, which promotes the penetration of active substances into the skin and increases bioavailability, resulting in an immediate improvement in skin tension (lifting effect).


Before treatment, depending on the type and sensitivity of the skin, enzymatic peeling, cavitating, gentle chemical peeling, or ampoule with 10% glycolic acid and vitamin E and F are applied to increase the penetration and bioavailability of the active substances applied to the skin. During the treatment, elements of the classic face, neck and cleavage are used.


  • clear smoothing of deep wrinkles
  • reconstruction and densification of the skin
  • modeled outline of the face
  • Reinforced natural skin barrier
  • stimulation of fibroblasts to create new cells
  • intensive revitalization of the skin
  • increased skin tension and firmness (lifting effect)
  • brighter and more radiant skin
  • increased skin hydration (reduction of transepidermal water loss from the epidermis)

Active substances

  • 10% [meso] recovery complex®
  • Acetyl hexapeptide (anti-aging)
  • Malachite extract (cleans, drains and detoxifies the skin)
  • Seaweed Extract (improves skin elasticity)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (strongly antioxidant)
  • DMAE (provides visible and immediate effect of tension and lifting)
  • Elastin (improvement of elasticity and hydration level)
  • Hydroviton (provides long lasting hydration effect)
  • Lamellar phospholipids (form a protective layer that prevents transepidermal water loss)
  • Hyaluronic acid (intensively moisturizes, structural skin)
  • Chronogen (synchronises the biological clock of skin cells, strengthens DNA protection and stimulates skin repair processes)

The course of the visit


to the clinic

The patient accurately describes the problem, explains why he reported to the clinic and what results he expected.



treatment plan

A specialist doctor arranges a special, customized treatment plan and presents it to the patient.




The next step is to prepare for the first treatment and carry it out.




The patient is under the control of a specialist who determines how many treatments must be carried out to achieve the end result.

Price list

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