Diagnosis of skin markers

Diagnosis of skin markers

Videodermatoscope diagnostics consists of a high-grade optical device that is connected to an advanced computer system to diagnose a possible level of disease risk.


Diagnostics enables archiving of images through the center and the creation of individual patient histories. The images captured during diagnostics are observed and analyzed at a high magnification. Each study is expanded to include an interview about skin lesions. The study is the basis for a possible decision to treat a patient’s skin lesions or to carry out another monitoring after a specified period of time. Few skin lesions are pathological, so only regular monitoring is enough.


Diagnosis is recommended in patients at risk:

  • In families where there have been cases of skin cancer,
  • with light skin often subjected to sunburn,
  • having a very high rating,
  • with large birthmarks from birth,
  • People with unusual characteristics or those who have recently changed their appearance,
  • Patients who have sunburn,
  • Everyone regularly exposed to strong sunlight or UV.


We recommend an immediate videodermatoscopic examination of newly emerging lesions, changes in the color of the lesion, enlargement or diminution in size, thickness or protrusion. Disturbances should also be observed in any area surrounding the sign such as swelling or redness, unnatural sensations like itching or burning. For very dangerous and disturbing symptoms you should also bleed the marks.


If you notice any changes to your skin, please make an appointment with your videodermatoscopy immediately.

In our Clinic we use the latest videodermatoscope with a camera with optical zoom up to 120 times. This enables the imaged image to be diagnosed with great accuracy and microscopic evaluation of all the elements, and with the enlargement of the image, its quality is not deteriorated.
This camera allows you to test for signs in normal, polarized and full HD imaging. The FotoFinder videodermatoscope camera is the only one on the market for maximum resolution in both photo-taking and live-on-line diagnostics.


With the latest developments in dermatology and dermatoscopy, the system provides a comprehensive platform for rating. Individual dermatoscopic images are assigned to a specific location on the patient’s body and kept together with his or her file. By archiving, you can compare pictures and track your progress and changes within your marks. Accurate diagnosis allows you to decide if you need preventive surgical or laser removal of peppers.


The FotoFinder system is additionally equipped with the Moleanazyzer software, which has been developed on the basis of years of experience and clinical trials. The evaluation uses the algorithms for the recognition and identification of patterns of melanocytic lesions with a very sensitive recognition system.


An analysis of successive images from different studies conducted in parallel makes it possible to observe changes that took place over time. Cases with suspected development of lesions may be removed in this situation using a laser or surgical procedure.


We offer you reliable diagnostics, which is also the best protection against skin cancer. Skin cancer is curable if it is detected early enough. Skin melanoma can develop from the markings that we have long ago on the skin as well as the newly formed ones. It is now possible to perform a photon laser removal surgery or surgery.


Prophylaxis of skin cancer using a videodermatoscope will provide:

  • Long-term image retention and monitoring,
  • Regularly checking the marks detecting even the smallest changes in an early healing stage,
  • analysis of the signs for their malice,
  • Prevent unnecessary cuts,
  • Early detection of disturbing changes and their removal.


The course of the study is non-invasive and completely painless.

The course of the visit


to the clinic

The patient accurately describes the problem, explains why he reported to the clinic and what results he expected.



treatment plan

A specialist doctor arranges a special, customized treatment plan and presents it to the patient.




The next step is to prepare for the first treatment and carry it out.




The patient is under the control of a specialist who determines how many treatments must be carried out to achieve the end result.

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