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LinErase – Ageing and Photo Ageing Treatment with Heterologous collagen Type 1. The Collagen powder stimulates production of fibroblasts that create native Type 3 collagen, a process that is the cornerstone of cosmetic medicine and anti-aging treatments.


This method has been used for almost 30 years in the form of a lyophilized collagen patch and is still used with success in: healing of skin ulcers, open wounds, scars and bedsores.


LinErase is safe, without side effects and does not induce any allergic reactions, while also giving excellent results.



For Whom is this Therapy?

LINERASE may be used prophylactically after the age of 25 in order to halt the aging process by maintaining the proper level of collagen. LINERASE restores and regenerates the skin of the face, neck, hands and body through the reconstruction of the connective tissue of the skin and above all restores the natural beauty of the skin. LINERASE is ideal for reducing stretch marks, treatment of atrophic scars and acne.



How it Works?

The first effects: skin tone, brightening and irritation alleviation may occur after 7 days and continue to develop throughout the duration of therapy. The full effect of the treatment (skin tensioning, density, thickening of flabby skin, filling in fine lines and skin defects) is obtained within 4 weeks after completion of therapy. It lasts for approx. 12 months. Then, the recommended maintenance therapy consisting of 1 treatment per quarter should be applied.


LINERASE collagen procedure is minimally invasive and requires no recovery period. Before the procedure can be performed on very sensitive patients the appropriate anesthetic cream is applied locally. But this is not a standard practice, as product contains an anesthetic substance. After the procedure at the injection site redness, burning, swelling, itching or tenderness may occur. All of the above symptoms do not require any medical intervention, because they disappear spontaneously within a few minutes after the procedure or in about 3-7 days.

The course of the visit


to the clinic

The patient accurately describes the problem, explains why he reported to the clinic and what results he expected.



treatment plan

A specialist doctor arranges a special, customized treatment plan and presents it to the patient.




The next step is to prepare for the first treatment and carry it out.




The patient is under the control of a specialist who determines how many treatments must be carried out to achieve the end result.

Price list

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