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Medicus Esthetic Institute of Health and Beauty is a modern clinic providing treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. We have a vast experience in skin care, preventive and medical skin treatment. In our approach to patients we believe in holistic philosophy as well as individual, thorough analysis of their needs. We are a dynamically developing clinic equipped with world-class technology allowing us to offer comprehensive treatment.


We offer treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and dermatology. Individual approach to the patient and a carefully chosen treatment plan allow us to maintain our high medical standards.

Dr Ewa Abramowicz

Dr Ewa Abramowicz is an experienced doctor in the fields of aesthetic and preventive medicine. Her main interest are advanced laser treatment techniques for skin conditions and the application of laser in anti-aging medicine. In her approach she tries to halt the aging process with the use of latest technologies.


She has gained her experience over many years of practice, through participation in numerous congresses, conferences and training courses in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging as well as her education at the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine at Polish Medical Association in Warsaw and the International Academy of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine.


She is a permanent participant of the European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome and the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging in Warsaw.


Dr Tatiana Livai

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Grodno Medical University. Graduated from the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Society. Member of the Polish Dermatological Society (PTD). Member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

She currently works at the Dermatology Center of the Międzyleski Specialist Hospital in Warsaw. She deals with dermatology and aesthetic medicine. She participates in international and national congresses and conferences, as well as many trainings, raising his qualifications and practical skills. She deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and performs aesthetic dermatology treatments: mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma, botox, fillers, peels, PDO threads, laser therapy.


Performed treatments:

  • dermatological surgery including electrocoagulation, surgical excision of moles and other skin lesions, cryotherapy, curettage, cutaneous patchwork using sutures, surgical sutures
  • botulinum toxin treatments
  • peelings
  • mesotherapy
  • Plate rich plasma
  • treatments using fillers based on hyaluronic acid
  • laser treatments using Nd: Yag laser, CO2
  • Reduction of adipose tissue – Injection lipolysis
  • PDO thread

Certificates and diplomas

Our clinic

The course of the visit


to the clinic

The patient accurately describes the problem, explains why he reported to the clinic and what results he expected.



treatment plan

A specialist doctor arranges a special, customized treatment plan and presents it to the patient.




The next step is to prepare for the first treatment and carry it out.




The patient is under the control of a specialist who determines how many treatments must be carried out to achieve the end result.

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